11. Geoff Woods: Invest your time — don’t just spend it

Are you spending your time or investing it? Are you being productive or just busy? Are you focusing on the right things — the 20% of your priorities that drive 80% of your results — or are you “majoring in the minors”? Are you spitting out answers or asking compelling questions?

If you want to learn how to start achieving extraordinary results — both personally and professionally — this is “the one” episode of The Business of Advice with Cody Foster you simply can’t afford to miss. Geoff Woods, co-founder and president of ProduKtive® and host of The ONE Thing podcast, joins the podcast to discuss how to make the most of your time.

Discover a treasure trove of insights that will help you break through the barriers that have been holding you back — from clarifying goals and identifying top priorities to hiring talented people, forming habits for success and so much more.


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