59. Mark Cole: Successful Succession Planning

Turnover is an obstacle every business experiences, and it’s no exception at the top. A sound succession plan can determine whether your business lives on or dies with your departure.

Mark Cole, who recently became owner of The John Maxwell Company after a 13-year run as its CEO, shares his takeaways from taking over an enterprise of seven multimillion-dollar organizations — and following one of the world’s most iconic gurus in that role. Listen and you’ll also learn why:

  • Successful successions start with founders thinking legacy and seeing the bigger picture.
  • Being productive is more important than being popular as you climb the leadership ladder.
  • It’s important to publicly affirm your successor for their style (not how well they emulate yours).

Whether you’re a successor or the one handing over the reins, Mark’s insight can help ensure a smooth transition. Don’t miss this episode!

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