14. BJ Thompson: Self-Care Is Leadership

Work was consuming every aspect of BJ Thompson’s life. From family to diet to sleep cycle, no facet went unaffected. Then he had his a-ha moment: If he stayed at this pace, his business wouldn’t survive another 30 years — and, frankly, neither would he.

Hear BJ, founder of Build a Better Us and creator of the 45 Day Total Transformation Challenge, join Business of Advice with Cody Foster to explain how the well-being of financial advisors and other leaders is directly tied to the health of their companies. A trusted speaker and life coach, BJ also dishes on how diversity can help futureproof your firm. Be sure to check out this powerful episode!




Advisors Excel Scholarship for Women and Minorities in Financial Planning: https://www.advisorsexcel.com/blog/15000-in-scholarships-aims-to-encourage-minorities-and-women-to-pursue-a-career-in-financial-planning/