15. David Nurse: Breaking Down Your Breakthrough Blueprint

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a coach who could teach you to how to consistently make personal and professional breakthroughs?

Well, we’ve got good news: Now there is! David Nurse, an NBA shooting and life optimization coach, wrote a book titled “Breakthrough” that spells out his formula for doing exactly that. David joined The Business of Advice with Cody Foster podcast to explain how confidence, cooperation, service and purpose are instrumental in helping you make successful advancements or transitions.

Nurse also shares his insights on a host of other key issues during this podcast — from why even greats like Stephen Curry focus on fundamentals to developing winning cultures and traits of championship leaders. If you’re eager to reach another level, this is one podcast you won’t want to miss.

12/21 – 1951414 The Business of Advice is provided for informational purposes.


Website: davidnurse.com
Books: “Pivot and Go” and “Breakthrough”