32. Brig. Gen. Bernard Banks: Lessons in Leadership

Growing up, all Bernard Banks wanted was to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a pilot. One soul-crushing setback at West Point nearly evaporated that dream in an instant, but he shook off the self-described “depression” that followed to author a remarkable career and leadership journey, all spurred by one powerful realization.

Check out this episode of The Business of Advice with Cody Foster podcast to learn what Bernard used as fuel from that point forward in his climb to brigadier general. Financial advisors and CEOs will also discover other key leadership insights, including:

  • What lessons business owners can learn from West Point
  • How creating discomfort can actually foster professional development
  • Why hiring is one of the easiest aspects of your business to botch (and how to get it right)
  • And much more!

Be sure to listen to this episode for business tips and truths from an authority on leadership!