33. Tim Elmore: Bridging the Generation Gap

Ten thousand baby boomers leave the workforce every day. How ready are your business’ Gen Xers and millennials to step into those leadership voids?

If you’re looking for an A-to-Z understanding of Generation Z and how to best manage every age group currently in the workforce, look no further. Tim Elmore, founder and CEO of Growing Leaders and a generational diversity guru, is a trusted voice in that space, and he shares that knowledge in this episode of The Business of Advice with Cody Foster podcast.

Hear Tim go in-depth on all things leadership, including:

  • Why leading with empathy is one of the biggest keys to managing employees of any generation
  • What lessons he has learned throughout his 40-year relationship with the iconic John C. Maxwell
  • How to define “emotional intelligence” (and what financial advisors and other business leaders can do right now to improve their own)

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain key leadership insight from a once-in-a-generation thought leader!