66. Brittany Hodak: How to Turn Customers into Superfans

Ever wondered how to create “Swifties” for your business? You know, fans as devoted to you as those mega pop star Taylor Swift has cultivated. Brittany Hodak, an award-winning author, speaker and customer experience expert, knows the secrets to creating superfans. On this episode, she shares how you can cultivate even more of them — all while spending less money on ads and staying true to what’s authentically you.

Listen and learn the biggest tips to creating a customer-first culture that can turn your company into a referral machine. You’ll also discover:

  • Why every member of your team — regardless of their role — is a chief experience officer
  • How, if handled properly, your business’s biggest mistakes can become its biggest wins
  • What financial advisors and business owners can learn from pop star Taylor Swift’s fan-first mentality

If you want your customers saying “You Belong With Me,” then this episode is can’t-miss!