67. Brad Pedersen: Success Is a Sucky Teacher

How are human beings similar to grass? They both grow in adverse conditions. Author and serial entrepreneur Brad Pedersen knows how to successfully grow a business — and how not to. In fact, some of the best lessons Brad ever learned came from moments of failure. In this episode, Brad shares his 30+-year entrepreneurial journey, including the mistakes and lessons learned on his way to building and growing a thriving, healthy company.

 Listen and learn practical tips and advice for successfully and sustainably growing your business. You’ll discover:

  • How the art of making quality decisions and how the same pride that built your business can also lead to your downfall.
  • Why there’s actually no such thing as a merger and how to avoid the pitfalls that can come from acquiring another company.
  • The concept of “shoot bullets before cannonballs” when testing and refining ideas.

If you’re ready to learn the difference between growth at all costs and healthy growth, you won’t want to miss this!