24. Charles Payne: Inquisitive Investing

From humble beginnings inside a one-bedroom apartment in Harlem to a national platform on Fox Business, Charles Payne has followed this rule: Learn something new every day.

The author, financial journalist and self-described student of the market joins The Business of Advice with Cody Foster podcast to explain why, no matter what heights they reach in their career, financial advisors and other businessowners owe it to their clients to maintain a curious spirit. Listen and you’ll also learn:

  • What businessowners should know before leveraging books and TV into their marketing
  • Why Charles believes the 60/40 portfolio is “dead” (and what he thinks will replace the 40)
  • How long our inflation situation might last (and what financial advisors should know about it)

Take a page from Charles and listen to this episode to learn something new today!

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