71. Darren Hardy: Five Meta Skills to Transform 2024

Are you prepared to navigate your team through storms of epic proportions? Darren Hardy, a mentor to thousands of top CEOs and business leaders, forecasts a 2024 possibly fraught with both perilous dangers and staggering opportunities. On this episode, he identifies five meta skills to help you not only make it through the potential turbulence ahead but come out a better business owner.

Darren sets the table by projecting five major storm surges you might expect to see in the coming year. Listen and you’ll also discover:

  • Why leadership is more critical than ever to guide your team through uncertainty
  • What adaptability can do to help you keep up with change coming at a breakneck pace
  • How aligning your passion with your work can drive both personal and professional growth

Check out this episode and learn how to better brace yourself for a year of change!