36. Joel Johnson: 6 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Business

Thirty million dollars in annual revenue. Hubs in three major markets. Over a billion dollars in annuity sales while with Advisors Excel, where he’s become a Hall of Famer. Joel Johnson built the kind of firm others have long desired — and now he’s capitalizing on that interest.

In a first for The Business of Advice with Cody Foster podcast, we welcome a financial advisor as our featured guest. Hear Joel, managing partner of powerhouse practice Johnson Brunetti, outline what spurred him to maximize the value of his business and prepare to sell it, how that process played out and six keys for advisors thinking about following those footsteps.

Listen to this episode, and you’ll also discover:

  • Why achieving high multiples isn’t the be-all, end-all when negotiating a sale
  • Why your business’s sales and marketing shouldn’t be dependent on a single figurehead
  • What financial advisors looking to acquire another practice should keep in mind

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the true mavericks of the financial services industry!