37. Best of Inspiration

Get inspired! This special edition of The Business of Advice with Cody Foster podcast revisits some of the show’s most motivational moments.

Hear how Scott Harrison, Rory Vaden, David Nurse and other business and leadership legends overcame their biggest obstacles — and what they learned in those moments of adversity. You’ll discover:

  • How Scott, founder and CEO of nonprofit charity: water, inspires action through great storytelling
  • Why Rory, a bestselling author and co-founder of Brand Builders Group, believes giving out value for free can inspire people to act
  • What lesson helped shape David, a trusted life optimization coach, into the man he is today
  • Who played the biggest role in helping Inky Johnson, a motivational speaker and former University of Tennessee football star, overcome a life-threatening injury
  • What Cameron Herold, a bestselling author and business growth guru, says you can do to inspire your team and help them understand your vision

When this episode is over, you’ll be ready to run through brick walls — so check it out!