56. John Ruhlin: Gifting Like a Pro

Are you giving your clients and prospects Level 10 experiences but Level 2 gifts? Too often, gifts are only sent at traditional holiday times or to simply check the task off a list — not with thoughtful purpose.

Gifting guru John Ruhlin shares how he’s cracked the code to making gifts strategic, intentional and truly meaningful — and more importantly, how to ensure those gifts help keep your business top of mind and lead to more of the referral opportunities you’re seeking.

As co-founder of the Giftology Group and author of the book “Giftology,” John shares on the podcast how his mentor taught him to move beyond obligatory gifting to truly making a difference through generosity. Listen in to learn:

  • How to keep your business top of mind long past when the gift is delivered
  • Why cracking the inner circle is key to building champions for you and your brand
  • The worst gifts and gift timing and how to avoid defaulting to them
  • How to make your gift recipients feel seen, understood and cared about — the keys to a long-lasting relationship
  • The importance of investing in your team to keep them showing up as raving fans, too

Don’t miss this episode filled with actionable steps you can take today to build massive goodwill with your clients and prospects!

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