41. Sean Kouplen: Kingdom-Driven Growth

Fourteen years ago, Sean Kouplen had just $1,200 in his checking account, was working 20-hour days and often couldn’t even bring himself to eat. Today, his business — once left for dead — cares for $1.2 billion.

Listen to learn the author, entrepreneur and CEO of Regent Bank’s sensational scaling story and what his career’s darkest hour taught him about leadership. Check out this episode and you’ll also discover:

  • Why CEOs and business owners should “always” err in favor of their employees
  • How Sean established faith-based principles at his business (without alienating his team members)
  • What Sean learned during his time as Oklahoma’s Secretary of Commerce (and from his high-profile pursuit of a partnership with Elon Musk and Tesla)

Financial advisors and executives everywhere can learn from Sean’s story — and you can bank on that!