30. Tyler Dickerhoof: Turning the Tables

As host of The Impact Driven Leader Podcast, Tyler Dickerhoof has interviewed dozens of the world’s authorities on leadership, entrepreneurship and making a difference. His latest episode with Cody Foster — co-founder of Advisors Excel and host of The Business of Advice with Cody Foster podcast — checks off all three of those boxes.

Check out this special crossover episode to hear Cody reveal the lessons he’s learned in a journey that’s taken him from an “upper-lower-class” upbringing to founding a world-class financial services organization that employs 700 people smack-dab in America’s heartland.

In addition to learning Cody’s story, you’ll also pick up wisdom from Tyler on:
• Why having enough humility to acknowledge mistakes and course-correct is one of the most important traits a business owner can have
• How setting an example in your community can help keep your business from struggling internally
• What financial advisors and CEOs can do to be incubators (and not incinerators) to their team members

Be sure to catch this episode to learn more about the man behind the microphone!