62. Ben Nemtin: Building Better Bucket Lists

In the throes of depression, Ben Nemtin “stumbled into” the meaning of life — or, at least, found the meaning of his life. That moment of self-discovery 17 years ago turned into a career inspiring others to tackle their own bucket lists. Now the motivational speaker, bestselling author and co-founder of The Buried Life movement is a champion of living with intention.

Hear Ben’s insights on living a regret-free life and building better bucket lists for yourself and your clients. You’ll also learn:

  • Two of the biggest mental hurdles to achieving your dreams (and how to overcome them)
  • Healthy habits proven to help you break out of ruts and escape moments of anxiety
  • Why financial advisors should view themselves as “accountability buddies” for their clients

Listen to one of the world’s most inspiring speakers and take the first step toward inspiring your clients!

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