75. Dan Martell: Buying Back Your Time

All entrepreneurs reach a point where growth equals pain. For Dan Martell, this moment came when he became a millionaire at 27 — but couldn’t build upon that success in a way that didn’t also destroy his life. Dan devoted himself to finding the formula to achieving personal and professional fulfillment, and on this episode, he reveals his can’t-miss methodology for getting more of your time back as your business grows.

Dan explains the biggest concepts from his bestselling book, “Buy Back Your Time: Get Unstuck, Reclaim Your Freedom, and Build Your Empire.” He also shares:

  • Why problems that can be solved with money aren’t real problems
  • The three things every CEO should stay focused on as they free up more of their calendar
  • The five rungs of the “replacement ladder” (and the first place you should look when delegating)

Free up some time to listen to this episode and take a major step toward achieving time freedom!