74. Dr. Bill Kapp: Keys to Longevity

As business owners and entrepreneurs, our health too often ends up on the back burner. Did you know, though, there’s a clear correlation between your physical fitness and the shape of your business?

Few know that connection better than Dr. Bill Kapp, CEO of Fountain Life. Dr. Kapp has long had his finger on the pulse of modern medicine, and on this episode, he outlines an approaching “paradigm shift” that he says will fundamentally reshape everything we know about health care. You’ll also learn:

  • Three things you should do to impact your longevity (and three you shouldn’t)
  • Why Dr. Kapp believes the first people to live to a healthy 120 are already alive today
  • Why our current health care system is really a sick-care system (and how to reimagine it)

Listen to keep yourself — and your business — spry well into the foreseeable future!